Damage Control Surgery in burn surgery with combined gunshot injuries


  • H.Ye. Samolienko Donetsk National Medical University, Lyman, Ukraine
  • P.H. Kondratenko Donetsk National Medical University, Lyman, Ukraine
  • S.O. Zharikov Donetsk National Medical University, Lyman, Ukraine
  • O.V. Andrieiev Donetsk National Medical University, Lyman, Ukraine
  • D.M. Syniepupov Donetsk National Medical University, Lyman, Ukraine




battle injury, burn surgery, Damage Control Surgery


Burn injury differs from other types of trauma by the apparent lack of urgency for treatment. In order to limit physio­logical damage and multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, the management of the burn wound must be immediate and aggressive. When associated with other battle trauma, major burn injury has a detrimental effect on morbidity and mortality, and surgical management of both aspects of a patient’s injuries are altered. The use of differentiated surgical approaches led to a reduction in complications from 23.5 to 11.8 % (p = 0.453) compared with the group, who only used the traditional tactics of one-stage elimination of all injuries.


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