Surgical treatment of patients with compressive complications of chronic pancreatitis

B.S. Zaporozhchenko, A.A. Gorbunov, P.T. Muraviov, V.V. Kolody, V.M. Gertsev


Background. Treatment of patients with chronic pancreatitis complications remains one of the complex problems in modern gastroenterology. Surgical treatment of these patients is not always effective, the risk of postoperative complications is significant. Surgical treatment of such patients has special features, since the use of traditional resective organ preservation techniques has certain limitations. Material and methods. The experience of surgical treatment of 185 patients with complicated chronic pancreatitis has been analyzed for the last 7 years. The clinical efficacy of surgical treatment of 31 patients with compressive complications of chronic pancreatitis was studies. Results. The main types of interventions performed in compression forms of chronic pancreatitis were drainage operations (in 12 patients) and pancreatic resections (in 8 patients), as well as surgeries with the formation of various cystodigestive anastomoses (5 patients). When radical interventions are impossible (6 episodes), the formation of bypass gastroenteroanastomosis, biliodigestive anastomosis or bile ducts external drainage were performed. The indications to the operations, their efficacy and complications were considered. Conclusions. Standard pancreatic organ preservation surgeries in most cases can eliminate the phenomena of subcompensated forms of biliary and portal hypertension, as well as duodenal obstruction. The obtained results proved the reasonability of pancreatic duct drainages in all types of resection that ensures the aggressive compounds removal from the place of anastomosis during its healing and reduces hydrostatic pressure in the pancreatic duct system.


chronic pancreatitis; compressive complications; surgical treatment; organ preservation surgery


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