Definitive Surgery of the Large Solitary Liver Cysts

V.I. Lupaltsov


The data of 27 patients with large solitary liver cysts were analyzed. It was noted that the cyst of small diameter up to 5–6 cm are asymptomatic and are often an accidental finding during ultrasound examination of the liver. Cysts of larger sizes are often localized in the right half of the liver and manifest by a sense of discomfort, dull pain in the liver and can be complicated by bleeding and jaundice. The method of choice of surgical treatment of large cysts are open operations, the aim of which envisages the removal of secreting epithelium, that can be achieved by either cyst enucleation, or its excision with partial resection of the liver, which is justified by 17 surgical intervention.


solitary liver cyst fenestration; resection; drainage


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