The large feet Defects Reconstruction by Large Sural Grafts Using Propeller-Technique


  • H.E. Samoilenko Donetsk National Medical University named after M. Horkyi, Kramatorsk, Ukraine



plastic, wounds, perforator artery, sural nerve


The aim of the study was to improve the results of the treatment of defects of distal low extremity using plastic and reconstructive interventions. Materials and methods. Wide soft tissue defects of the distal parts of the lower extremities, particularly the Achilles tendon, ankle, heel, exposing deep anatomical structures are challenges while choosing the methods of plastic closure. The island flap on the artery accompanying the surface sural nerve can be used for closure of the wound defects in this area. We have performed the plastic wound closure with island megaflap (386.7 ± 19.3 сm2 surface), supplied with the sural artery to the distal base, using the Propeller-technique in 4 patients. Results and discussion. All flaps have taken root. In all cases, the sural nerve was the part of the flap. The donor site was closed with the split-skin-graft simultaneously. Conclusions. Plastic operations have been performed in one stage. The sural flap has a wide of rotation arc, and its stability allows use the described technique in closing of large defects on the support surface (heel, foot, etc.).


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