Treatment of Single Liver Abscesses: Drainage or Resection?

V.V. Boiko, O.M. Tyshchenko, O.V. Maloshtan, A.A. Maloshtan, D.I. Skoryi, R.M. Smachylo


The analysis of treatment of 194 patients with single bacterial abscesses of the liver during 1998–2015 was performed. The puncture-aspiration-drainage and resection methods of surgical aid were used. Minimally invasive treatment methods are applied in 122 (62.9 %) cases and are considered as low-traumatic and highly effective. Resections in most cases were used as reserve methods, but quite often they were associated with less number of postoperative complications and shorter hospital stay.
In the course of treatment, abdominal complications ­occurred in 48 (24.7 %) patients, and 10 (5.2 %) patients died. The causes of failures in most cases were due to ineffective initial method of treatment for this patient. The basis for ­successful treatment of single liver abscesses is the differentiated approach considering the origin, sizes, location and the stage of abscess formation. As a result, surgical approach should be escalating, which consists in timely transition to resection methods in case of failure of minimally invasive ­interventions.


single liver abscess; puncture; aspiration; drainage; resection


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