Burn Wound Conversion

H.Ye. Samoilenko


Burn wound progression — poorly studied process, by which some superficial partial thickness burns spontaneously progress into the deep lesions. This article reviews current knowledge on the pathogenesis and treatment of conditions associated with factors of burn conversion. The objective of the work is to clarify the pathogenesis of burn wound progression and to evaluate approaches used for its prevention.
Material and methods. 115 burn patients were hospitalized and randomly divided into two groups: the main group, in which heparin is used locally, and the control group without its application. Partial thickness burns after dermabrasion were closed using xenografts and heparin dressings, while in the comparison group heparin wasn’t used. It has been suggested that the final depth of the burn necrosis can be minimized by the prevention or reversal of the progressive capillary stasis in the early post-burn period. Healing time was shorter in the group of patients treated with heparin.
Conclusions. The progression of the burn wound necrosis is a complex process and is caused by hypoperfusion of tissues and systemic changes. Although the researches are ongoing, currently treatment should include adequate fluid therapy, nutritional support, and local treatment of wounds — early burn surgery and biological dressings.


burn wound progression; early burn surgery


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22141/1997-2938.1-2.28-29.2015.80860


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