Diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease

V.I. Rusyn, S.M. Chobey, I.I. Shkriba, A.Yu. Kutsenko


Introduction. The urgency of the problem of Crohn’s disease (CD) is conditioned by medical and social factors. The social aspect of the problem consists in the increasing level of primary incidence. Medical aspect is characterized by poorly studied pathogenesis, severe unpredictable course, the lack of objective criteria for the assessment of patients’ status and subjectivity in the choice of treatment strategy.
The Objective of the Study. In order to improve the treatment outcomes to develop differential-diagnostic features of X-ray and endoscopic signs of complications of Crohn’s disease.
Materials and Methods of the Study. In the surgical clinic of the Transcarpathian regional clinical hospital named after Andrei Novak (Uzhgorod) under our supervision there were 43 patients with Crohn’s disease.
Results of the Study and Their Discussion. The most common clinical CD symptoms were diarrhea, abdominal pain, weight loss and fever. The clinical picture has been characterized by variability and depended on the location of the lesion.
Conclusions. 1. X-ray examination in CD should include plain radioscopy, enterography and irrigography. To clarify the topography of fistulas all patients should undergo fistulography. 2. Transcutaneous and endorectal ultrasound diagnosis enables to determine the process localization, the presence of its intramural expansion, infiltrates, abscesses, fistulas, stenosis. 3. CT and MRI are necessary for the differential diagnosis of CD, nonspecific ulcerative colitis and intestinal tumors, to detect extraintestinal changes (paracolon fistulas and abscesses, internal fistulas and perforations).


Crohn’s disease; nonspecific ulcerative colitis; ­diagnosis


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