Case of Reactive Hepatitis in an Adolescent after Laparoscopic Treatment

S.V. Vesyoly, V.N. Grona, A.V. Chercun, A.I. Buslayev, G.A. Sopov


Recently, laparoscopic appendectomy is increasingly being favored. Many studies, mostly retrospective reviews in adults, show the significant advantages of the laparoscopic approach. Possible advantages of the method include reduced postoperative pain, a lower wound infection rate, a shorter length of hospital stay, and a possibility of faster return to daily activities. Potential disadvantages of laparoscopic appendectomy include more intervention time, the high cost of tools and equipment being used. Besides, systemic effect of carbon dioxide on the body is not fully understood.
Case report of reactive hepatitis after laparoscopic treatment is given. After a comprehensive treatment, the child recovered.


laparoscopic treatment; hepatitis; children


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