Case Report of Optimized Vacuum-Assisted Treatment of Severe Diabetic Foot Syndrome

P.G. Kondratenko, Yu.A. Tsarulkov


Topical application of vacuum therapy has become already worldwide a indispensable treatment technique for wound debridement in patients with diabetic foot syndrome. However, when applying the classical method of vaсuum therapy in these patients, there is a problem of delayed efflux of tissue exudate and lysing detritus in a vacuum system. Optimization of methods of negative pressure impact on the wound by use of inflow drainage with wound irrigation by antiseptic allows you to maintain constant high concentration of an antimicrobial agent in the wound, to increase the speed of wound dialysis and to prevent clogged sponge pores and development of bacterial colonies in it. Application of this technique avoids the high amputation, accelerate the healing time of wounds, to keep the support function of the lower limb.


diabetic foot; vacuum therapy; treatment of wounds


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