75th anniversary of Jejunogastroplasty by E.I. Zakharov

N.V Voronov, V.V. Mesheryakov, A.N. Voronov, Thapa Magar Subas


In recent years, the clinic have done jejunogastroplasty by Zakharov in 22 patients: gastric cancer — 15 and with operated stomach diesease — 7. In accordance with the classification of the Japanese Association of gastric cancer (2011) based on histological conclusion stage IB was detected in 2 patients, IIA — in 2, IIB — in 10, IIIB — in 1. When the tumor was located in the antrum subtotal resection was performed (4), in the body and cardiac part — gastrectomy (11) with lymph node dissection D2. In dumping syndrome after gastrectomy Billroth-II (4) — reduodenization was done in 2, 2 others in combined form of operated stomach disease — double gastro-intestinal resection by Zakharov (1) and bilateral truncal vagotomy, Nissen fundoplication with cruroplasty, reduodenisation by Zakharov-Henley (1). In 3 patients with dumping syndrom grade III after gastrectomy created enteric reservoir of iso-and antiperistaltic loop by Zakharov-Poth. Length of hospital stay after surgery was on average 11,6 ± 2,3 bed/day. Deaths and specific postoperative complications were not noted.


gastric cancer; operated stomach disease; surgical treatment; jejunogastroplasty


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