Instrumental Diagnostics of Consequences and Complications of Pancreatic Resections

Ye.A. Kryuchina


The objective of study — determination of X-ray and wave semiotics, general anatomy, complications and consequences of pancreatic resections, creating the optimal diagnostic algorithm for patients who underwent this surgical intervention. The study involved 190 patients who underwent different amounts of pancreatic resections from 2003 to 2012. It is found that multidetector computed tomography with multiphase scanning in the late arterial and portal phase is the screening method of examination of patients who underwent pancreatectomy for malignant neoplasms that in the detection of focal lesions of the liver, biliary hypertension requires additional magnetic resonance imaging. Positron emission tomography is a mandatory method of diagnosis in patients with recurrent tumors, to whom repeated operation are being planned. Magnetic resonance imaging is the primary method of monitoring patients undergoing surgery for complicated forms of chronic pancreatitis. The use of the developed algorithm allowed in 95 % of cases to establish the correct diagnosis and to optimize the treatment policy.


pancreatic resection; diagnosis


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