The Use of High-Energy Laser in Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgery

A.V. Vorobey, A.Ch. Shuleyko, I.N. Grishin, Yu.N. Orlovsky, V.V. Ilyushonok, S.V. Aleksandrov, Yu.V. Butra, N.A. Lagodich


The results of 402 surgical operations using high-energy laser on the organs of the hepatopancreatobillary system are given. Using laser apparatus with three wavelengths with an output up to 100 W makes it possible to carry out the dissection of tissues of the pancreas, liver, spleen with effective hemostasis. We demonstrated the advantage of laser resection of the pancreas before electrocoagulation, we have also proved carrying out of laser wirsungectomy for the elimination of peripheral ductal hypertension in the body of the pancreas in chronic pancreatitis. The use of laser radiation in laparoscopic procedures on the organs of hepatopancreatobiliary system increases the safety of these operations. An original «hybrid» technology of draini ng liver cysts under ultrasound control was suggested.


surgical laser; resection of the pancreas; resection of the liver; chronic pancreatitis; double-ballon enteroscopy


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