Reasons for Elective Surgery Complications in Chronic Pancreatitis and Ways of Their Correction

A.V. Vorobey, A.Ch. Shuleyko, I.N. Grishin, V.N. Lurye, Yu.N. Orlovsky, Yu.I. Vizhinis, Yu.V. Butra, N.A. Lagodich


The analysis of the outcomes of surgical treatment of 875 patients with chronic pancreatitis over a 20-year period in the clinic of surgery department of Belarusian medical academy of postgraduate education has been carried out. Since 2010, the center introduced modern duodeno-preserving pancreatic head resection with the use of laser technology, successfully applied in 108 patients.
There were analyzed and structured postoperative complications after resection-drainage operations (15.7 %), the methods of their correction, as well as ways of preventing the development of complications. Based on the analysis of complications, there were suggested rational approaches to the selection of primary and repeat operations on the pancreas in chronic pancreatitis. The efficiency of the use of laser technology in the proximal resection of the pancreas is proved.
Double balloon enteroscopy allowed to diagnose specific complications of pancreatojejunoanastomosis after resection-drainage operations on the pancreas: the strictures and failure of pancreatojejunoanastomosis, residual pancreatoliths, as well as to carry out minimally invasive surgery for the correction of these complications.


chronic pancreatitis; duodeno-preserving pancreatic head resection; double balloon enteroscopy; complications of pancreatojejunoanastomosis; surgical laser


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