Introduction of Distance-Learning System into the Practice of General Practitioner — Family Doctor

V.K. Gryn, O.I. Bassov, D.V. Sobolev, A.S. Vorobyov


One of the most important components of the professional activities of general practice — family doctor is a continuing professional education. Department of general practice — family medicine of the Faculty of postgraduate education of Donetsk National Medical University named after M. Gorky offers to physicians an opportunity to improve the system of education in the theoretical course of primary specialization in «general practice — family medicine», pre-certification courses in the same specialty, using information technology. Under the system of distance learning, student himself in any place where there is a computer with Internet connection can select the time spent for training. For each course or block of courses with students there are being conducted an Internet-consultation to answer questions on the material covered and the answers to the questions rose in the daily practice at the reception of patients. A departure from the classical teaching «from the rostrum» and the introduction of interactive teaching methods, actively involving students in the process of acquiring knowledge, can contribute to a need for independent work beyond the time allotted to full-time part of the training.


general practice — family medicine; continuing education; distance learning


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