Method of Palatoplasty Using Staphylotomy with Longitudinal Suture in Palatognathous Patients


  • M.I. Azimov Tashkent Medical Academy, the Republic of Uzbekistan,
  • A.M. Azimov Tashkent Medical Academy, the Republic of Uzbekistan,



staphyloschisis, palatoplasty


Cleft palate affects almost every function of the face except vision. Today a child born with cleft palate with or without cleft lip should not be considered as an unfortunate, because surgical repair of cleft palate has reached a highly satisfactory level. Surgical techniques for cleft lip and palate are continuously evolving, more so the techniques of cleft palate repair. The techniques, their variations, the outcome and rehabilitation procedures are well described in the available literature.
Objective. To introduce the palatoplasty method developed by us. It concludes staphylotomy with the soft palate lengthening followed by a longitudinal suture.
Materials. From 2008 we have been carrying out the operations using the proposed method of palatoplasty in children with cleft palate. From 2008 to 2012 276 children with cleft palate were operated, among them 154 (55.8 %) girls and 122 (44.2 %) boys. The operation was performed in patients aged 10 to 18 months old by the proposed method. The basic idea of this method is the transverse dissection of the soft palate to the entire thickness of up to 10–12 mm on both sides and pushing the edges of the wound. Defect takes the form of a rhombus.
Results. Analysis of the results of operation showed that after the plastic transverse dissection of the soft palate with the longitudinal suture in patients with cleft palate defect reversed. All patients went on healing after primary intention.
Conclusion. Our experience in surgical treatment of children with cleft palate and the follow up of the children over 4 years after surgery should be seen as positive and promising. However, this technique requires further study to assess its impact on the growth and development of the upper jaw.


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