Mini-invasive Cholecystectomy Using Biological Tissue Welding in Previously Operated Patients


  • M.F. Salo Donetsk National Medical University named after M. Gorky,



cholecystectomy, biological welding


Background. Surgery still remains the main treatment for patients with calculous cholecystitis, whose number is increasing. Despite the positive aspects of laparoscopic surgery, there is still a high percentage of conversion of laparoscopic surgery in the open, and is reported in the literature 3–12 % [1], depending on the severity of the inflammatory process as in the gall bladder, and the severity of adhesions in patients which were previously operated on the abdominal and the pelvic organs.
The aim of the work — to study of the effectiveness of intraoperative application of the generator automatic welding of soft tissues when performing surgery for gallstone disease.
Material and methods. From the 272 patients which were operated for gallstone disease in the surgical clinic of the Faculty of Dentistry at the base of the surgical department of CCCH № 1 in Donetsk, 56 patients had been previously operated on abdominal and pelvic organs. The control was group consisted of 27 patients who underwent laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LCE) with the use of bipolar electrocautery. 29 patients were studied group, in which the LCE was performed by using the generator automatic welding of soft tissues.
Conclusions. Making adhesiolysis with using biological tissue welding is accompanied by robust intra- and postoperative hemostasis. The using of electric welding of soft tissue and the removal of defects gallbladder in surgery opens the way forward to improve further perspectives to, simplify and improve the quality of surgical procedures performed. Without increasing the proportion of postoperative complications and mortality, it makes it possible to improve the quality of life of the patient after surgery.


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