The modern structure of multiple trauma injuries in obese patients

S.D. Khimich, O.M. Chemerys


Background. During the last decade the structure of injuries and therefore the severity of lesions significantly changed. The injuries in traffic accidents, catatraumas, home accidents and injuries due to terrorist acts are dominating. The aim of the study was to explore the modern structure of multiple trauma injuries in obese patients. Materials and methods. There was conducted the retrospective analysis of 124 history cases of patients with multiple trauma treated in the surgical department of Municipal Lviv Clinical Hospital N 8 during the period of 1996–2016 years. All patients had combined blunt chest trauma and abdominal blunt trauma with preserved integrity of the pelvis and extremities. Results. The structure of the chest trauma in patients with normal body weight soft tissue bruises dominated followed by ribcage fractures with pleura-pulmonary complications. With BMI increasing the incidence of lung damage enhances that may be associated with reduced elasticity of tissue on a background of obesity. The obese patients with the abdominal blunt trauma had more pronounced solid organs injuries that can be associated with impaired metabolic system, growing of connective tissue followed by stromal-vascular degeneration, which leads to stretching of the capsule, and therefore more likely causes their impairment in trauma. Conclusions. Our data about the structure of damage in patients with multiple trauma in obese patients can be used to evaluate the diagnostic value of the clinical, instrumental and special methods of examination and to form the program of complex treatment of obese patients.


multiple trauma


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