No 1.36 (2018)

Table of Contents

Original Researches

Selection of the right lobe liver graft from living family donor PDF (Українська)
O.H. Kotenko, A.A. Minich, O.V. Hrynenko, O.O. Popov, A.V. Husiev, M.S. Hryhorian, D.O. Fedorov, V.I. Yednak 1-8
Surgical treatment of patients with compressive complications of chronic pancreatitis PDF (Українська)
B.S. Zaporozhchenko, A.A. Gorbunov, P.T. Muraviov, V.V. Kolody, V.M. Gertsev 9-12
The choice of nephrectomy method in patients with terminal hydronephrosis PDF (Українська)
V.M. Lesovoy, V.I. Savenkov 13-16
Bile leakage after liver resection: risk factors, prognosis and treatment PDF (Українська)
V.V. Boyko, A.M. Tishenko, A.V. Maloshtan, A.A. Maloshtan, N.N. Brytska, M.A. Klyosova, I.V. Volchenko, R.M. Smachуlo 17-20
Gallstone disease complicated by cholestasis PDF (Русский)
N.N. Veligotsky, S.E. Arutyunov, E.A. Lazutkina 21-23
Features of diagnostic approaches to Gilmore’s groin PDF (Українська)
H.I. Herych, D.V. Andryushchenko 24-28
Immunohistochemical examination of soft tissues in the area of the foreign body of gunshot origin in different time after injury PDF (Русский)
Yu.V. Podolyan, I.I. Yakovtsova, S.V. Danilyuk, V.A. Belenky, V.V. Negoduiko 29-34
Aggressive surgical treatment of the perihilar cholangiocarcinoma with portal vein invasion PDF (Русский)
O.G. Kotenko, A.O. Popov, A.V. Grinenko, A.V. Gusev, M.S. Grigorjan, D.A. Fedorov, A.A. Korshak, O.N. Ostapyshen, A.A. Minich, A.I. Zhylenko, K.A. Yuzvyk 35-42
Treatment of complicated sternal wounds PDF (Русский)
G.E. Samoilenko, P.G. Kondratenko, O.V. Andreev, G.G. Kasrashvili 43-48
Portal hypertension complicated by bleeding from esophageal and gastric varices: the present state of the problem of treatment and prevention PDF (Русский)
E.V. Mahiliavets, P.V. Harelik, V.I. Dubrovschik, V.M. Zhiber, A.P. Karpovich, E.N. Bozhko 49-54
Features of using ureteral stents after retroperitoneoscopic ureterolithotomy in the treatment of ureteral stones PDF (Русский)
Yu.V. Roshchin, Yu.P. Sernyak, A.S. Fukszon, I.M. Komisarenko, S.P. Forostina 55-63
15-year experience in the use of portal vein embolization in patients with focal liver diseases PDF (Українська)
V.A. Kondratiuk 64-68
The algorithm for choosing the method of lithotripsy in patients with nephrolithiasis without ureteropelvic junction obstruction using micro- and ultra-mini-percutaneous nephrolithotomy PDF (Українська)
V.I. Savenkov, A.V. Maltsev, D.A. Levchenko 69-73

Case Report

Clinical case of treatment of segmental mesenteric thrombosis with a picture of acute gastrointestinal bleeding PDF (Русский)
V.V. Boyko, V.V. Makarov, V.A. Lazirsky, I.A. Bilenko, D.Yu. Gulyayeva 74-77
Postoperative complications in patients with coarctation of the aorta as a result of late diagnosis of congenital heart disease (own clinical observations) PDF (Українська)
D.S. Khapchenkova, А.S. Senatorova 78-80